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2015 - Carboniferous Times

Saturday, August 29, 2015, a magical date since the first GeoNord was born. Carbo, our 2015 mascot or the Vip packs were among other things the novelties. About 500 geocachers witnessed the first edition of GeoNord at the Lewarde Mining Historical Centre.

2016 - Retour aux Sources

Retour aux Sources, the first GeoNord to obtain Mega status. The success of the Labcaches or the creation of the first geocoin 3D supporter attracted everyone’s attention, not to mention the Vip packs, sold in just a few days. The second edition was not only bigger in terms of attendeds, but also in terms of sensations.

2017 - Oxygen

Oxygen, a thrilling edition with the visit to the headlamp of the Eperlecques bunker or the 20 Labcaches given by Groundspeak, a first for a Mega Event. Nearly 2000 people of 20 different nationalities travelled to the North for this third edition.

2018 - Sunset

Sunset, the fourth edition of the GeoNord events and the one that should have been the last was very emotional for the members of the organization. 20 Labcaches, Vip packs very well stocked and sold in a few hours, the appearance of collector boxes of the four elements “made in GeoNord”, the secret mission of travel tags, visit of the fort of the dunes, more than 2500 people… everything was there, even the sun that visited us for the fourth time. More than 1000 attendeds and your smiles over the years motivated the team to continue writing the history of the GeoNord events in 2022 with surprises never seen before!

2022 - GeoNord Is a Great Adventure

GPS Maze Adventures 2022 - France