Project Trackable

It is sad to see at the end of the event, how tens of GeoCoins or TravelBugs remain on the listing and nobody retrieve them. That is why we will try to solve this, trying to make each trackable continue his adventure after passing through our event. We will create a trackable area for the day of the event. On it you will find various boxes used to classify the TB according to their destination. We ask you to look where your TB wants to go before you drop it at the event, for better comfort.Here is a list of codes, often used, depending on the destination of the TB:

NM – No specific mission / task – Sans mission précise  FR – France 

CC – Central (Centre) – Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland

E – Eastern (Est) – Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Rep, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania

NE – North East (Nord-Est)  – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

NW – Northwest States (Pays du Nord-Ouest) – Ireland, United Kingdom, Iceland

SE – South East (Sud-Est) – Italy, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus

SW – Southwest States (Pays du Sud-Ouest) – Andorra, Spain, Portugal

PAC – Pacific regions – Hawaii, Asie, Australia

AMQ – Amérique – USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America

AFR – African Countries – All the countries